The idea for this foundation occurred in August of 2015,
when Matthew Hollister and Stefano Brugnerotto were
collaborating on prospective project ideas for a
community service assignment. Combining Stefano’s
business acumen and Matthew’s scientific background,
the two developed a program that would later become
the James Hollister Wellness Foundation, named in
honor of Matthew's late father.
What started as an idea for a school project soon
evolved into life-long mission to save viable medications
from destruction for the purpose of serving the healthcare
needs of low-income people all over the world. 
 In loving memory of James Hollister (1959-2015)

The FDA conducted a study at the request of the military to test the accuracy of their medications’ expiration dates.
  They found that 90% of the drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after passing their expiration dates. Dispite this finding, $10 billion worth of surplus medication (unexpired and expired but viable) is needlessly wasted each year.

  This medication could be donated instead of being dumped in landfills, burnt in incinerators, or flushed down toilets. Despite this waste, drug shortages are common in most parts of the developing world.

  Help us in our mission to save medication from being needlessly wasted so that lives won't be needlessly lost.

How We Work

  Medications and supplies donated to the James Hollister Wellness Foundation are sorted, cataloged, stored and entered into an electronic database. Medical mission teams, nonprofit organizations, and charities contact us to obtain medical supplies that will be needed for service trips to developing countries.

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